I’m once again back and determined more than ever. You have been asking questions on my whereabouts. What happened to AE? Has he been cornered by the sniff dogs of the Sanggunian? My absence was due to the fact that the events in the past few days were enough and didn’t need more expositions to … Continue reading CONFUSED AND DESPERATE

NEWSFLASH: Updates on Abducted and Expelled Ministers

A number of things have happened since we posted the last article. We have been busy trying to sort out the truth from the lies being woven and spread by the wily Sanggunian. If you want the truth, this is where you go. This blog is the official source of news updates on this … Continue reading NEWSFLASH: Updates on Abducted and Expelled Ministers

The Tyranny of Injustice

So many articles to write, so little time... Bro. Isaias T. Samson Jr., former Editor-in-Chief of Pasugo Magazine, and his wife Myrna, were expelled today, together with Bro. Jerson T. Samson Jr. and his family. Bro. Isaias and Jerson are brothers, both faithful and honest ministers, who have served the Church for a very long … Continue reading The Tyranny of Injustice