12 thoughts on “INC PRIME PROPERTY: SOLD! – PART 1”

  1. I would like to have access to your expose...I am member of INC and I would like to restore its cleanliness to the perfection of our faith, hope for future INC generation and Love to our Almighty God and not love for a man...

  2. This is my last comment because I just remember it. My brother was one of the head deacon in INC and when I visited him last, there was a minister in his house, and the minister read some verses from the Holy Bible. Because the minister knew about my brother and my parent's background - and my parents were really married to each other, he said because my father was married to his first wife (who died) we, my father's children from his second wife were bastards. Yet this minister was just a guest in my brother's house. My brother because of being a humbled member of the INC just listened and hang down his head. He did not contradicted whatever the minister said. Because I was also a guest to my brother's house I didn't said anything either. If that certain minister can read my comment right now, all I can say to you is, it takes one to know one if the offsprings are bastard. Who are you to say what you said about my parents when you didn't know them at all. You were lucky I did not called you names, out of respect to my eldest brother because we were both guests in his house. If I meet you again, I will slap your face for calling me a bastard.

  3. Whatever happened to the church they used as a cemetery? I was watching the funeral of Ka Erdy and they showed the glass coffin inside the church. The church was built for a place of worship, not for a cemetery. Don't they have no shame at all? Ka Felix Manalo I think died in the 1960s but he was not buried yet and instead on a display in a glass coffin? If God intended to raise father and son after they died, God would've done it four days after their last breath expired, just like what He did to His son Jesus Christ. And there is another thing I observed. Members were forbidden to enter the Catholic Churches because of the graven images. During my niece's wedding that was held in the Catholic Church, I wanted to see or feel if I did something wrong for entering the church, yet I only observed that the graven images were like an adornment of the church. I did not see anyone pray to any of the images. In fact they all greeted one another with "God be with you" even they don't know you.

  4. When I was discommunicated from the Iglesia ni Cristo, I was really scared that if I die, my soul would go to the lake of fire (because that was one of the many teachings) and to always agree with the INC' administration's commandments. But God gave me my brain to think and decide for myself and the freedom of speech to say what I want to say. Although I was discommunicated the INC doors are always open for me to attend the worship service and that I still have friends there. One day I found the answer during worship service that only God will judge me, not people, for my sins. Lately when I attended one of the Bible Studies, I asked the minister if one can see God? Of course his answer was No, you cannot see God because He is a spirit. To me with God nothing is impossible. He can project Himself to you in a vision and dreams, especially in His house of worship, and you can hear when He speaks to you thru your heart. The bottomline is, the executive minister disobeyed God'd words therefor Brother Eduardo and his administration commuted two sins: 1. Only God created the 10 commandments for the people to obey, and 2. Respect your mother and father, to which the executive minister did not obey. And now, instead of building churches for those people who wanted to have a church of their own, he bought a mansion in Forbes Park? Where did his money came from when everybody knew ministers do not work and he came from a poor family. Members of the Iglesia ni Cristo gets poorer while he gets richer. And who will pay for the maintenance of the sports arena they built? And now they are branching out to entertainment and the first person they wanted to perform use marijuana and into drugs? Yes, Eduardo's mother is right and just because she voiced out her opinion she got kicked out from her INC membership? In politics who's choice was it for the INC members to vote for the president of the Philippines? Everyone he chose did not last because they were all crooked and one in particular was a dictator. They said because their decision came from God? Was it also God's decision to spend the money they took from the church members to buy an Airbus and expensive mansion in Forbes Park while the members who freely gave their money to the church continue to pay rent and some don't eat meals three times a day because they are afraid they won't be saved? I was asked if I'm afraid to die because I voiced out my opinion and the INC will go after me? No, I am not afraid and people must be told the truth.

  5. wala ng kwenta yang mga sinasabi mo ae. walang naniniwala sayo..pati sarili mo dinedemonyo mo hahaha. ulol ka

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